In Manitoba

A friendly and culturally diverse province, Manitoba welcomes over 9,800 international students every year from over 80 countries.


As the world is beginning to recover from our global pandemic, some business in Canada will be re-opening soon. Please CHECK HERE for information about the MCIE response to COVID-19.

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in Manitoba

The reason why I chose Manitoba is that it provides many opportunities for us to grow and experience adventures both inside and outside the classroom. Manitoba is a culturally and ethnically diverse province with a safe and supportive environment.

– Xian (Ruby) Li, Student from China

Province of Manitoba

Manitoba is an ideal location for students looking for a safe, affordable and dynamic study abroad experience.

Manitoba offers internationally recognized programs, state-of-the-art classrooms and research facilities, in addition to highly trained instructors.

A low cost of living, lower tuition fees and a number of scholarship and work opportunities make learning affordable compared to other provinces.

Manitoba is located in the centre of North America. It is a 2-3 hours by plane from cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Chicago.

Our province offers urban and rural study environments and an array of activities from streetĀ festivals to wilderness adventures.