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2023 MCIE International Student Awards

Posted January 30, 2024

Each fall, as part of the worldwide celebration of International Education Week during in the third week of November each year, MCIE issues International Student Awards to four outstanding international students who demonstrate excellence in academics, and school and community involvement in four categories. Award winners are invited to accept their Awards from the minister(s) of education at the MCIE International Education Week Reception to be held at the Manitoba Legislative Building.

In 2023 we were pleased to be able to offer 4 Awards of $500 to a student from each of the following sectors:
· Secondary
· College
· University
· Language

Congratulations to our 2023 Award winners:

Secondary Sector
Hannah Wrba – St. James-Assiniboia School Division

Hannah Wrba and The Honourable Nello Altomare, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Learning

Life and learning in Manitoba have been very exciting experiences for me. I have come to deeply appreciate the unique qualities that make Manitoba a truly special place. One of the best things about Manitoba is the many opportunities it has offered me to grow. Westwood Collegiate gave me the opportunity to reignite my passion for playing the double bass, a skill I had abandoned in the past. The people in Manitoba have left a lasting impression in my heart. The warmth and kindness of the community have forged lasting connections that I will forever treasure. This deep sense of belonging has made Manitoba a second home for me. I have also found the academic challenges posed in Manitoba to be unexpectedly enjoyable. The educational environment in Manitoba has fostered a deep love for learning that I will carry with me throughout my life. Life and learning in Manitoba have been a joyful journey marked by personal growth and exciting opportunities. I truly look forward to continuing my educational and personal journey in this province.” Hannah Wrba

Language Sector
Oscar Alvarez Garcia – Heartland International English School

Oscar Alvarez Garcia and The Honourable Nello Altomare, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Learning

After 5 months of living and studying in Manitoba, I can truly say that choosing this province to learn English was my best decision. I have enjoyed the multicultural exchange that studying at Heartland International English School offers me; a wonderful place to learn the language, sharing and socializing, with the help of excellent teachers and administrative staff, who have taught me that to learn English you have to make the process fun rather than an obligation. Learning a second language from a basic level makes you understand how important communication with other people is. Likewise, it makes you reflect on the need to express yourself and be understood. It is a process that, although arduous, has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. Manitoba has also helped me in my goal: finding new ways to learn English, I decided to help as a volunteer at Harvest Manitoba, sorting, and packing food for less fortunate people. There I learned more about this noble cause and now I see that people, not only money, are needed to support others in need. Every week in Winnipeg, there are activities that invite you to fully immerse yourself in Canadian culture. This is how I came to attend festivals, exhibitions, and concerts; visit representative places of Winnipeg, and share life with its inhabitants: friendly, cordial, and helpful people. In particular, I remember The Fringe Festival, an event full of color, music and happiness that took place in the Exchange District. After classes, I attended many different artistic presentations, and delighted in listening to excellent music. Without a doubt, if I could advise other people to study English in a suitable location, I would recommend Manitoba and Heartland International English School.” Oscar Alvarez Garcia

College Sector
Niyati Sharma – MITT

Niyati Sharma and The Honourable Renee Cable, Minister of Advanced Education

I have found it really enriching and exciting to live and learn in Manitoba. As an international student, this province’s kindness and inclusivity have made a lasting impression on me. The friendly and diversified community of Manitoba is one of the things that I value most about this province. From the outset, the people here have made me feel like I belong, and it has been a pleasant journey adjusting to life in Canada.
The educational institutions in Manitoba have also been crucial to my development as a scholar. The province’s universities and colleges uphold strong standards, demonstrating their dedication to offering high-quality education. I value the focus on hands-on learning and the support structures that ensure that international students like me succeed. Furthermore, the breath-taking natural beauty of this province, with its varied seasons and landscapes has provided a peaceful backdrop to my studies, making Manitoba the perfect location for introspection and personal development.
I sincerely appreciate all the opportunities and experiences I have had in Manitoba. I believe that Manitoba is a wonderful place for international students to pursue their goals and make life-long experiences because of its distinctive fusion of culture, education, and environment.
” Niyati Sharma

University Sector
Bobbie Mang’eli – University of Manitoba

Bobbie Mang’eli and The Honourable Renee Cable, Minister of Advanced Education

I moved to Manitoba on my own. It was a move of curiosity. When I first told my dad I wanted to move here, he said there would be ice on the road, ice everywhere. I said that was not possible. I could not imagine it. It has been eight years since that conversation and seven since I moved here. Moving to Manitoba was unlike anything I could have planned for myself. It is through wanting to make friends that I signed up for numerous volunteer activities and met the most kind and thoughtful people. It is through co-op work experiences that I expanded my understanding, dethroning the stereotypes of others and myself. It is through work that I learned the power I have as an individual to make change, and so I have determined to always choose work that is meaningful to me. It was through sitting and listening to Indigenous Elders that I reconnected with myself, learning the parallels of Cree and my home culture in Kenya. It is through student leadership that I learned the voice I have and resolved to speak on my experiences. I can now imagine it. I can imagine a future where my voice matters, where my experiences shape me, where my culture still matters. A future where I continue to learn and to share what I have learned. I can imagine it.” Bobbie Mang’eli

Past Year’s Winners: