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MCIE Meet Manitoba: Partner Event – March 15, 2022

Posted February 14, 2022

The MCIE Marketing Committee is excited to announce our next MCIE Meet Manitoba: Partner event on Tuesday, March 15, 2022 from 8am – 10:30am Winnipeg time.

We are creating a conference like event for our agent partners from around the world to attend and learn more about Manitoba as a top choice destination for their international students.

We will be using a new virtual platform called Hopin. It is very user friendly, and will offer us a new way to present information:
1. Main stage – This is like a webinar in Zoom, or a main presentation space where every person in the event will be watching a selected number of people who will be presenting.
2. Sessions – These are like having breakout rooms or smaller zoom room sessions where people can choose to attend a presentation while the conference is open. These will be on a schedule.
3. Expo – This is much like Remo’s main floor lobby, or like in an in-person event, where attendees can wander through and select a table they want to visit and ask questions or have a chat. This can be a live conversation space, or it can also be a place where someone visits and sees an introduction to the company featured at the table, and a video plays.
4. Networking – This is like having an open zoom call, or chat room where people can connect and have informal conversations – like grabbing a coffee at a regular convention.

The schedule for March 15, 2022 will be from 8am – 10:30am Winnipeg time and will include formal presentations from MCIE, Global Affairs Canada: Beatriz Osorio, Trade Commissioner Manitoba and Saskatchewan Regional Office of the Trade Commissioner Service, CBSA, The Government of Manitoba Provincial Nominee program, Expo booths from important members of our network such as our Keystone Sponsor,, MCIE Executive Director, information about Tourism Winnipeg, and we are looking to offer a schedule of separate sessions featuring Manitoba as a destination.

A full schedule of the morning will be available here soon!

Please register here: