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Virtual “Meet Manitoba: Partner Event” – Follow-up information

Posted June 23, 2021

Thank you for attending our “Meet Manitoba: Partner Event” on July 7th, 2021.

This event featured presentations by the following speakers:

-Welcome message: Darcy Rollins, MCIE President

-Presentation by the Government of Manitoba: Lisa Quinn, Acting Director of Strategic Initiatives with the Government of Manitoba

-Travel Manitoba –Melanie  Swenarchuk, Senior Manager, Market Development

-“Arriving in Manitoba” – Robin Rooke-Hanke and Robert Daudet, MCIE COVID-19 Manitoba Travel and Arrival Protocol for International Students Working Group

-“Study and Succeed in Canada” – Global Affairs Canada: Beatriz Osorio, Trade Commissioner Manitoba and Saskatchewan Regional Office of the Trade Commissioner Service

We also welcomed representatives from the following important Manitoba focused industries:

  • Health Insurance
  • Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)
  • MCIE Executive Director and Members
  • Tourism Winnipeg
  • Travel Manitoba

Please click here to view a recording of the formal presentation

Questions & Answers from the Event:

Is there any training program for Education Consultants who are promoting Canada/Manitoba to International students?

Answer provided:

Great question! MCIE is looking to create an effective series of events to provide information sessions to our partners.  Today’s session will serve as an introduction to Manitoba Training and you will be receiving a certificate by email confirming your attendance.  We will be in touch with more details about future events soon!


Is it true that visa refusal for post-graduate programme in Canada is high? If yes, what could be the reason for that?

Answer provided:

Thank you for your question, we will take this to the appropriate office and provide answers here on this website as we receive them.


For the study program requirement, will there be any changes to waive IELTS or English requirements? Application coming from Philippines.

Answer provided:

Thank you for your question, each institution will have different requirements for admissions, and options for students. Please see our full list of member institutions for contact information in order to find out more: MCIE Member Institutions


Is the presentation going to be sent to those in attendance?

Answer provided:

Yes, we have the recorded presentations available here: Formal Presentation 


Please see the following information provided by CBSA as a follow up to several questions that were asked:

Useful links from CBSA:

Check for changes to regulations:

Check local regulations:

Download most recent ArriveCAN App:

List of approved schools:

List of designated countries (meds):

Pre-register for airport testing:

Translation requirements:

Study in Canada as an international Student:

Border measures:


Questions and Answers from CBSA:

  • Is it necessary to have a “family reunification letter from IRCC” if a parent would like to accompany their child to Canada to help them get settled in for the first 2 weeks.  The parent is not seeking to establish themselves in Canada with the child, they are entering only for a short period of time to help the child get settled and leave.

From the website:  Accompanying immediate family members may also be allowed to enter Canada to accompany international students. This could include a student’s spouse or dependent child(ren), or in the case of a minor who is coming to study in Canada, a parent or legal guardian who will provide care during the quarantine period and/or remainder of stay in Canada. They must show that their reasons for travel are non-discretionary/non-optional, for instance, helping the student get established in Canada.  They don’t need a written authorization from IRCC to travel with you. However, they must show that their reasons for travel are non-discretionary (non-optional). For example, they’ll help you get established and support you in Canada.

-A final decision will be made at the POE.


  • There was a question about a traveller who’s trip to Canada originates in Spain and then stopping in Mexico for one week, they asked if they would have to stay in Mexico for 14 days prior to continuing on to Canada:

This is of no consequence, as long as they meet all the other requirements for entry.  All final decisions will be made at the POE.

More information here:

  • Scenario:  Study permit approved for principal applicant and consequently, an open work permit was approved for the accompanying spouse.  Can the accompanying spouse travel to Canada before the principal applicant and begin working? 

From the website:  Applicants must provide evidence that they are the spouse or common-law partner of a study permit holder who is a full-time student.

More information here: